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Tweed inspires and excites with music fueled from high energy performance and improvisation. Just as their namesake fabric of mingling colors and textures, Tweed has interwoven a psychedelic web of funk, rock and electronica. The band was formed at University of Delaware and now calls Philadelphia their stomping ground. Their collaboration can take listeners from multi-layered visions through the psyche to sweaty, raging dance parties driven by their own incessant beat.


With multiple tours and countless festivals under their belt, Tweed has proven they can fill larger rooms across the East coast with precision and style.  Bust out your dancing shoes, this ain’t your grandfather's tweed!

Dopapod; Particle; Electron; BoomBox; The Werks; Michal Menert; Toubab Krewe; Kick Rocks; Zoogma; BioDiesel; Consider The Source; The Heavy Pets; Perpetual Groove; Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad; KOAN Sound; The Mantras; Twiddle; The Manhattan Project; Tauk; Moon Taxi; Greenhouse Lounge; Beard-o-Bees; Grimace Federation; Pigeons Playing Ping Pong; Cosmal; MUN; Pink Talking Fish; Cocktail Party Phenomenon; Catullus; ELM; Galaxy Dynamite; Mister F; Solaris; Makayan; Horizon Wireless; Racket Boys


Some bands we have played with

Joe Vela (Drums), AJ DiBiase (Guitar, Vocals),

Jon Tomczak (Synth, Vocals), Dan McDonald (Bass, Vocals)

"Ironically the Newark band Tweed is named after a soft fabric, yet their psychedelic sound, which includes a blend of electronica, in addition to other genres, is anything but plush." - Middletown Transcript

"Their music is rage-tastic—it's good, clean fun that simulates the experience of psychedelics" - UD Review

"The musicianship and cohesiveness displayed at The Blockley shows that Tweed has a presence big enough to fill larger venues and the musical chops to rage with the best." - We Went Hard

"Tweed has become one of the hottest up-and-coming bands, quickly expanding their audience and repertoire with their Fall tour currently underway and first EP to be released this winter. Tweed takes you on a euphoric journey through a wormhole to the future with what they have coined 'jamchronica.' Their progressive style mixed with heavy synth effects produces epic, layered jams that any livetronica head is sure to be pulled into."  - HeadSpace Magazine