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Philadelphia's funktronica powerhouse, Tweed, is filling dance floors with their high-energy fusion of funk, rock, and electronica. Just as their namesake fabric of mingling colors and textures, Tweed has interwoven a psychedelic web of high energy performance and improvisation. Their collaboration can take listeners from multi-layered visions through the psyche to sweaty, raging disco dance parties driven by their own incessant beat.


The band was formed in 2010 in the basement parties and college underground at University of Delaware. In 2013, Joe, Jon, and AJ added Dan on bass and soon after took the national stage of clubs and venues across the country. With relentless style and a uniquely cohesive sound, they have proven they can bring the party anywhere they go.


"Ironically the Newark band Tweed is named after a soft fabric, yet their psychedelic sound, which includes a blend of electronica, in addition to other genres, is anything but plush." - Middletown Transcript

"There will be a lot more great music at Great Outdoors Jam before it closes at sunset Sunday, but I guarantee you there won’t be a set better than the one Tweed played. This Philadelphia quartet was over-the-top astounding: jamtronic fusion heaven." - Music Fest News

“A high level of energy dominates [The Chunky Life] with plenty of variation. The band comes together for tight comprehensive jams with funky transitions that cross boundaries.” -

"Tweed has become one of the hottest up-and-coming bands, quickly expanding their audience and repertoire... Tweed takes you on a euphoric journey through a wormhole to the future..."  - Headspace Magazine

Jon Tomczak (Synth, Vocals), Dan McDonald (Bass, Vocals)  

Joe Vela (Drums), AJ DiBiase (Guitar, Vocals)

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